Virtual PYP, MYP, DP, CP and IB Education workshops September 2021


Important information, terms and conditions:  

Please read carefully prior to registering.   


Primary time zone: Central European Time (CET) GMT+1  



 * PD registration fees include tax, with the exception of Dutch schools and individuals, whose fees are subject to an additional Dutch VAT of 21% 

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Nom de l’événement Thème de l’atelier Langue Niveau
Creativity, activity, service Dip Anglais Cat 2
Economics Dip Anglais Cat 2
English A: Language and literature Dip Anglais Cat 2
Teaching, learning and assessment in economics Dip Anglais Cat 3
CP Guidance counsellors POP Anglais Cat 1+2
Beyond the disciplines Éduc IB Anglais Cat 3
Design PEI Anglais Cat 2
Sciences PEI Anglais Cat 2
Managing assessment: Individuals and societies PEI Anglais Cat 3
Leading the learning PP Anglais Cat 2
Planning for programme evaluation PP Anglais Cat 3

Programme de l’événement

The workshops are planned for 3 consecutive days from 9:00-16:00. Please make yourself available for the mentioned time. 

Every day of the virtual regional workshop includes 5 hours of synchronous and asynchronous engagement with a minimum of two 15 minutes breaks and a 30 minutes lunch. The workshop leader will provide participants with a detailed agenda.