Investigating inquiry

  • Thème de l’atelier: Éduc IB + PP + PEI + Dip + POP
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Niveau: Cat 3

Queen Rania Teacher Academy PYP, MYP, DP, and IB education workshops in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, September 2023.


These workshops are organized by Queen Rania Teacher Academy in cooperation with the IB.

Queen Rania Teacher Academy | International Baccalaureate Workshops (IB) (

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Consult the IB workshops and services catalogue for workshop descriptions and guidance on which workshop category to choose.




Nom de l’événement Thème de l’atelier Langue Niveau
Arabic A: Language and literature Dip Arabe Cat 1
Head of school (CANCELLED) Dip Arabe Cat 1
Biology Dip Anglais Cat 2
Chemistry Dip Anglais Cat 2
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) Dip Anglais Cat 2
Mathematics: Analysis and approaches (CANCELLED) Dip Anglais Cat 2
Approaches to Learning Éduc IB + PP + PEI + Dip + POP Anglais Cat 3
Investigating inquiry Éduc IB + PP + PEI + Dip + POP Anglais Cat 3
Head of school (CANCELLED) PEI Arabe Cat 1
Language and literature (CANCELLED) PEI Arabe Cat 1
The personal project (CANCELLED) PEI Anglais Cat 2
Head of school PP Arabe Cat 1
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) PP Anglais Cat 1
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency PP Arabe Cat 1