Leading the learning

  • Thème de l’atelier: Dip
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Niveau: Cat 1

These workshops are organized by Ibicus in cooperation with the IB.

All workshops will be delivered virtually via a web conferencing or online learning platform, and are replacing the face-to-face workshops scheduled to take place in Berkshire, United Kingdom on 20-22 October 2020.



+44 (0)7941 600 171


Nom de l’événement Thème de l’atelier Langue Niveau
Chemistry: A focus on internal assessment Dip Anglais Cat 3
Creating authentic units PEI Anglais Cat 3
English A: Language and literature Dip Anglais Cat 2
Global politics Dip Anglais Cat 2
History: A focus on internal assessment Dip Anglais Cat 3
Leading the learning Dip Anglais Cat 1
Physical and health education: Delivering the MYP curriculum PEI Anglais Cat 2