Environmental systems and societies

  • Tema del evento: PD
  • Lengua: Inglés
  • Nivel: Cat 2

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa virtual PYP, DP, and CP workshops in October 2024


These workshops are organized by The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa in cooperation with the IB.


Time zone: UTC+3

IB Workshops | Aga Khan Academies

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Consult the IB workshops and services catalogue for workshop descriptions and guidance on which workshop category to choose.


Nombre del evento Tema del evento â–² Lengua Nivel
Environmental systems and societies PD Inglés Cat 2
Global politics PD Inglés Cat 2
Chemistry: A focus on internal assessment PD Inglés Cat 3
Librarians PD + POP Inglés Cat 1+2
Developing your PYP framework: Early years PEP Inglés Cat 3