Leading the learning (CANCELLED)

  • Tema del evento: POP
  • Lengua: Inglés
  • Nivel: Cat 2

Taaleem Virtual PYP, MYP, CP,and IB Education workshops in February, 2024


These workshops are organized by Taaleem in cooperation with the IB. 

All workshops will be delivered virtually via a web conferencing or online learning platform. 


Time zone: GST (UTC/GMT +4).




Nombre del evento Tema del evento Lengua Nivel
CP Personal and professional skills (CANCELLED) POP Inglés Cat 1+2
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) POP Inglés Cat 2
Individuals and societies PAI Inglés Cat 2
Sciences PAI Inglés Cat 2
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) PAI Árabe Cat 2
Managing assessment: Leaders of learning (CANCELLED) PAI Inglés Cat 3
Planning for programme evaluation PAI Inglés Cat 3
The community project (CANCELLED) PAI Inglés Cat 2
Mathematics PAI Inglés Cat 2
Design (CANCELLED) PAI Inglés Cat 2
Managing assessment: Language acquisition PAI Inglés Cat 3
Language acquisition (generic) PAI Inglés Cat 1
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) PEP Inglés Cat 2
The role of language PEP Inglés Cat 3
Head of school (CANCELLED) PEP Árabe Cat 1
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency PEP Inglés Cat 1
Investigating inquiry (CANCELLED) Educ IB + PEP + PAI + PD + POP Inglés Cat 3
Approaches to Learning Educ IB + PEP + PAI + PD + POP Inglés Cat 3
Multilingualism: Philosophy, policy and practice (CANCELLED) Educ IB + PEP + PAI + PD + POP Inglés Cat 3