Visual arts

  • Tema del evento: PD
  • Lengua: Español
  • Nivel: Cat 1+2

Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, PYP, MYP, and DP Workshops in Madrid, Spain, June 2024


These workshops are organized by Universidad Camilo Jose Cela in cooperation with the IB.

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Consult the IB workshops and services catalogue for workshop descriptions and guidance on which workshop category to choose. 


Nombre del evento Tema del evento Lengua â–² Nivel
Managing the extended essay PD Español Cat 3
Design technology PD Español Cat 1+2
Environmental systems and societies PD Español Cat 1+2
Sports, exercise and health science PD Español Cat 1+2
Visual arts PD Español Cat 1+2
Chemistry: A focus on internal assessment PD Español Cat 3
Counselling PD Español Cat 1+2
Arts-Visual PAI Español Cat 2
Spanish A: Literature PD Español Cat 2
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency PEP Español Cat 1
Individuals and societies PAI Español Cat 1
Language and literature PAI Español Cat 1
The role of mathematics PEP Español Cat 3
Learning and teaching for conceptual understanding PEP Español Cat 2