Queen Rania Teacher Academy virtual PYP, MYP, DP, and leadership workshops February 2021

These workshops are organized by Queen Rania Teacher Academy in cooperation with the IB.

All workshops will be delivered virtually via a web conferencing or online learning platform, and are replacing the face-to-face workshops scheduled to take place in Amman, Jordan on November 6-8 2020 and February 5-7 2021.

Primary time zone: Eastern European Time (EET) GMT+2



+962 7 9104 7945 / +962 7 9693 2343

For descriptions of the individual workshops below, view our online catalogue here: https://ecatalogue.ibo.org/publication/?m=53719&i=665125&p=10


Nombre del evento Tema del evento Lengua Nivel
Head of school PD Inglés Cat 1
Managing the extended essay PD Inglés Cat 3
Understanding leadership Lid Inglés Cat 3
Language acquisition: Delivering the MYP curriculum PAI Arabic Cat 2
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency PEP Arabic Cat 1
Play-based learning PEP Arabic Cat 3