Research about the effectiveness of an IB education

A strong and growing body of research indicates that an International Baccalaureate® (IB) education is highly beneficial to students.

The benefits of an IB education are especially strong when it comes to higher education. Top universities from around the world have shown how they value the IB's credentials by building special pathways for IB students; by granting credit or advanced standing for performance on IB exams; or even by providing scholarships for IB students.

What the research shows us

Across different studies, researchers have found that:

  • Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum and assessment compares favourably to a variety of other respected qualifications
  • DP students tend to complete their undergraduate degrees at higher rates than their peers, and often in less time.
  • IB students can tend to make more contributions to campus life by participating in activities such as community service, tutoring, assisting faculty in research, study abroad, internships, and joining clubs and other student groups.
  • the IB goes to great lengths to ensure the validity and reliability of our assessments. IB assessments have been demonstrated as strong predictors of university performance.

Across the research, DP students have been cited as demonstrating the following skills:

  • Interest and experience in research
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Critical thinking, inquiry and problem solving
  • Strong language and writing skills
  • International-mindedness and a sense of responsibility for the community. 

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