Geography (Cat.1)

PD Topic area:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 1

IB online professional development is pleased to offer the following workshops for IB Diploma Programme.


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Business management (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
Economics (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
Geography (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
Global Politics (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
History (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
Psychology (Cat.1) DP English Cat 1
Business management (Cat.2) DP English Cat 2
Global Politics (Cat.2) DP English Cat 2
History (Cat.2) DP English Cat 2

Event guides and policies

Please read our Cancellation policy and Completion policy [0.8MB] pdf prior to completing your registration.

Please note that whilst you do not have to be online at a specific time, all participants move from one module to the next at the same time and are required to provide peer-to-peer feedback in active online discussions, therefore it is important that participants are available to be online for at least 4 hours per week for all 4 weeks to ensure eligibility for a certificate – please refer to the completion criteria.

If a participant will not have internet access for an entire week or more during the workshop, we would advise they register for an alternative date.  

For all of your online workshops queries, please contact

General information

Workshops will be conducted in the language specified. Participants’ command of the teaching language must be such as to allow for full and unaided participation.

All of our online workshops are of 4 week duration and require a minimum 16 hours of workshop time. They are offered at $600 US.

Choosing the right workshop

Please visit the Which type of training is right for me? page on the IB website for further assistance in workshop selection.

If you are new to IB Online workshops we would advise you to watch the following video from IBtv.

We encourage you to browse the IB 2016 PD Catalogue for further information.