Leading an IB education

  • PD Topic area: Lead + PYP + MYP + DP + CP
  • Language: English
  • Level: Cat 3

IBA PYP, MYP, DP, LEAD and IB EDUCATION workshops in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - April 2024

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Late registration fee for registrations made after DD MM YY: US$794

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Workshop name PD Topic area â–² Language Level
Economics DP English Cat 2
English A: Literature DP English Cat 2
History DP English Cat 2
Leading the learning DP English Cat 2
Spanish A: language and literature in Spanish DP Spanish Cat 2
Subject specific seminar: Environmental systems and societies DP English Cat 3
Subject specific seminar: Sports, exercise and health science DP English Cat 3
The role of the librarian IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP + CP English Cat 3
Leading an IB education Lead + PYP + MYP + DP + CP English Cat 3
Leading and managing teams Lead + PYP + MYP + DP + CP English Cat 3
Language acquisition (generic) MYP English Cat 1
Mathematics MYP English Cat 2
The personal project MYP English Cat 2
Making the PYP happen in the early years: Implementing agency PYP English Cat 1
Leading the learning PYP English Cat 2