Head of school (CANCELLED)

  • PD Topic area: PYP
  • Language: English / Turkish
  • Level: Cat 1

These workshops are organized by ENKA Schools in cooperation with the IB.



+90 2127056500 / 6711

For descriptions of the individual workshops below, view our online catalogue here: https://ecatalogue.ibo.org/publication/?m=53719&i=665125&p=10


Workshop name PD Topic area â–² Language Level
Mathematics: Analysis and approaches (CANCELLED) DP English / Turkish Cat 2
The role of the supervisor in the extended essay (CANCELLED) DP English / Turkish Cat 3
TOK: Helping students write strong TOK essays and assessing their work (CANCELLED) DP English / Turkish Cat 3
Individuals and societies: Implementing the MYP curriculum (CANCELLED) MYP English / Turkish Cat 1
Language acquisition (generic): Implementing the MYP curriculum (CANCELLED) MYP English / Turkish Cat 1
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP (CANCELLED) MYP English / Turkish Cat 2
Head of school (CANCELLED) PYP English / Turkish Cat 1
Leading the learning (CANCELLED) PYP English / Turkish Cat 1
Your exhibition (CANCELLED) PYP English / Turkish Cat 2
Building for the future (CANCELLED) PYP English / Turkish Cat 3