Environmental systems and societies: Incorporating fieldwork

PD Topic area:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 3

Theme: Incorporating Fieldwork 

Biology: Incorporating fieldwork

This workshop will offer opportunities to carry out successful fieldwork in relation to supporting the teaching and learning of biology. Designing an investigation is a central part of the workshop, allowing you to work in small groups to explore the key issues involved in each of the criteria and to experience first-hand the challenges presented to students.

Environmental systems and societies: Incorporating fieldwork

This workshop utilizes fieldwork techniques in an integrated way to promote a more developed understanding of both societies and the environmental systems that compose them. Each of the internal assessment criteria are explored in relation to potential fieldwork activities, as well-designed fieldwork has great value in improving student achievement in both internal assessment and field-based learning, which is assessed externally.


At these DP Category 3 workshops hosted at LooLa Adventure Resort (Bintan, Indonesia), you will experience:

Planning group projects and considering this as a model to evaluate against the IA criteria

  • How to assist students in developing suitable research questions for field-based enquiry
  • Application and context in relation to field-based studies, understanding sampling and fieldwork investigation design for effective evaluation
  • How to provide opportunities for students to choose suitable analysis for their investigation

Hands-on fieldwork activities

  • Quadrats, sampling theory and identification issues
  • Use of technology in fieldwork

Wider benefits of fieldwork to the IB diploma

  • Opportunities for enquiry-based learning and environmental exploration
  • Provides a challenging opportunity to introduce rigorous assessment of student’s ability to plan investigations
  • Encourage students to think holistically about environmental issues and sustainability


  • Our Workshop Leaders are also planning collaborative activities between Bio and ESS so you will get to experience the commonalities between the subjects and have more opportunities to learn from all teachers attending this event


Workshop name PD Topic area â–¼ Language Level
Biology: Incorporating fieldwork DP English Cat 3
Environmental systems and societies: Incorporating fieldwork DP English Cat 3

Speakers details

Liam Clifford | Facilitating: Biology: Incorporating fieldwork

Liam has been a teacher and administrator in IB world schools for over 15 years with educational, fieldwork and consultative experience accrued in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Portugal and now at home in Australia. He has facilitated IB online workshops in both Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies for over five years and has been IB examiner, team leader and IA moderator for Higher Level Biology for over 10 years. He has always been passionate about the power of education within diverse societies and cultures, to create change and ensure people's livelihoods are improved whilst maintaining the environmental sustainability.

Adrian Palmer | Facilitating: Environmental systems and societies: Incorporating fieldwork

Adrian is an ecologist and teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience in schools and field-based environmental education. Currently teaching at Bangkok Patana School, Adrian also has several years’ related experience in conservation work and with NGOs. Over the last eighteen years, he has been teaching DP courses in Environmental Systems, Biology and TOK. A fieldwork enthusiast, he has designed and run fieldwork in relation to all these courses and in support of the IB requirements for the Group 4 project. He has diverse experience as an IB examiner, workshop leader and curriculum reviewer and author; his current writing project is tentatively titled: "Fieldwork for the IB Diploma Programme".