Personal de dirección del POP

PD Topic area:  CP
Language:  Spanish
Level:  Cat 1


Workshop name PD Topic area â–¼ Language Level
CP Administrators CP English Cat 1
Personal de dirección del POP CP Spanish Cat 1

General information

Workshops will be conducted in the language specified. Participants’ command of the teaching language must be such as to allow for full and unaided participation. 

All of our online workshops are of 4 week duration and require a minimum 16 hours of workshop time.


Late registration requests will only be considered in the case of a system error or interuption having occurred before the official closure date. The decision as to whether a late registration request is accepted will be taken by the Online PD team on a case by case basis. Furthermore, late registrations can only be processed for schools with an IB account. 

Please contact IB support to request late registration.

Late registrations are subject to a surcharge of USD 70.



USD 450

USD 520