Enfoques de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje para profesores del PD o del POP

PD Topic area:  DP + CP
Language:  Spanish
Level:  Cat 3

Registration dates: 15 March to 21 June 2019

Late Registration: 1 to 23 August 2019

Payment Deadlines: Argentine participants: 1 to 15 September 2019

Participants from other countries: 19 September 2019

Event Information

Northlands Olivos is situated in northern Greater Buenos Aires. From central Buenos Aires there is public transport with the 152 bus service to Avenida Maipú 3200, two blocks from the school. There is also a very good train service on the Mitre line from Retiro station to Olivos, but from the station it is some fifteen blocks to the schools.

For participants requiring a nearby hotel, Le Foyer Bed and Breakfast, Catamarca 2750, Olivos, tel. 54 11 4790/1920, email is some ten blocks from the host school. There are other reasonably prices hotels in San Isidro (5 km) and Belgrano (7 km). La Posada de San Isidro, Maipú 66, San Isidro, tel. 54 11 4732 1221, email, has a full range of services available one block away on Avenida Centenario, the main street in San Isidro and there are plenty of buses from here to Avenida Maipú 3200 in Olivos.There is also a train service from nearby San Isidro to the city centre, the journey last some 35 minutes. Sures Belgrano Suites, Ciudad de la Paz 2969, tel 54 11 4542 8444, email, is situated just one block from Avenida Cabildo along which passes the 152 bus to Avenida Maipú 3200 in Olivos.

There are a range of services available nearby including the D underground line which goes to the city centre. Those from overseas do not pay VAT on production of a foreign document (Passport or ID) and a foreign credit card in the name of the hotel guest. Participants from outside Argentina are advised to obtain a health insurance for the period of the workshops.

The cost of the September workshops including lunches and coffee breaks will be US$ 460, with a discount for participants from ACBIRP member schools who are charged US$ 350.  Argentine schools should make a bank transfer in pesos as from 1 September at the selling rate for the US dollar to the bank account of the Association at the Banco Supervielle:

Account Name:      Asociación Civil de Rectores y Coordinadores

Current Account Number:     20-408587-3

CBU:                      02700267 1000 4085 8700 38

CUIT:                      030-68252821-0

Any bank charges should be covered by the participating school. For schools outside Argentina. payment will be in dollar bills on the first day of the workshops.

Registration will be open from 15 March and registration inquiries should be sent to Peter Stoyle by e-mail to Acknowledgements will be sent within a week of receipt. A detailed agenda, workbook, list of participants and information on the Association and will follow at least a fortnight before the event.

We very much hope your school will support the workshops which have been devised for the purpose of service to IB schools in the sub-region. If you should have any questions, please direct these to Peter Stoyle at the e-mail address above.


Paula Manzitti

Chair, Association of IB Schools in the River Plate (ACBIRP)

Information about the new DP Mathematics courses:

Mathematics: analysis and approaches (HL and SL)
Analytic methods with an emphasis on calculus – appropriate for pure mathematicians, engineers, scientists, economists, those with an interest in analytic methods – current HL mathematics calculus option content will form part of the HL course. This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects with substantial mathematics content such as mathematics itself, engineering, physical sciences, or some economics courses.

Mathematics: applications and interpretation (HL and SL)
Applications and interpretation with an emphasis on statistics, modelling and use of technology – appropriate for those with an interest in the applications of mathematics and how technology can support this – SL will be appropriate for students who would previously have taken Mathematical studies SL – current HL mathematics statistics and discrete option content will form part of the HL course. This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects such as social sciences, natural sciences, statistics, business, some economics courses, psychology, and design.

Click here to access the Mathematics curriculum review report on the Programme Resource Centre.


Workshop name PD Topic area â–¼ Language Level
Coordinación DP Spanish Cat 1
English A: Language and literature DP English Cat 1
Español A: Lengua y Literatura DP Spanish Cat 1
Español A: Literatura DP Spanish Cat 1
Matemáticas: Análisis y Enfoques DP Spanish Cat 1
Matemáticas: Aplicaciones e Interpretación DP Spanish Cat 1
Personal de dirección DP Spanish Cat 1
Sistemas Ambientales y Sociedades DP Spanish Cat 1+2
English B DP English Cat 2
Artes Visuales: promover el uso de medios emergentes DP Spanish Cat 3
CAS: el poder transformador del aprendizaje experiencial DP Spanish Cat 3
El papel del supervisor en la Monografía DP Spanish Cat 3
Teoría del Conocimiento para profesores de asignaturas DP Spanish Cat 3
Enfoques de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje para profesores del PD o del POP DP + CP Spanish Cat 3