PD Topic area:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 2

Event Theme: Youth Leadership For A Flourishing Future

In this themed event hosted by NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand, we will highlight how youth leaders apply their understanding as IB learners to create a flourishing future, now. This event will feature inspirational youth keynote speakers, student-led breakout sessions, and co-facilitation between IB workshop leaders and students. In addition to learning more about the IB programs, this event will showcase how embedding systems thinking and empowering youth leadership across subject areas and grade levels create a flourishing future through education.

Kids in class

Photo Credit: Compass Education for Sustainability



Workshop name PD Topic area â–¼ Language Level
Biology DP English Cat 2
Business management DP English Cat 2
Chemistry DP English Cat 2
Economics DP English Cat 2
Environmental systems and societies DP English Cat 2
Physics DP English Cat 2
Sports, exercise and health science DP English Cat 2
Approaches to teaching and learning (classroom teachers) DP English Cat 3
CAS: The transforming power of experiential learning DP English Cat 3
Managing the extended essay DP English Cat 3
Pedagogical leadership DP English Cat 3
TOK: Helping students write strong TOK essays and asessing their work DP English Cat 3
Beyond the disciplines (CANCELLED) IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Developing service learning IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Living and learning globally (CANCELLED) IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Social and emotional learning IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
The learner profile IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Cultivating learning-focused IB World Schools Lead English Cat 3
Heads of school/IB coordinators: Delivering the MYP curriculum MYP English Cat 2
Creating authentic units in the MYP (CANCELLED) MYP English Cat 3
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
MYP projects (Personal project and community project) (CANCELLED) MYP English Cat 3
An introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYP PYP English Cat 1
Making the PYP happen in the classroom PYP English Cat 1
The exhibition (CANCELLED) PYP English Cat 2