Computer science

PD Topic area:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 1+2

Early registration: $830 until December 15
Standard registration: $880 from November 16-February 28
Late registration: $930 after February 28


Workshop name PD Topic area â–¼ Language Level
Counselling DP English Cat 1
Creativity, activity, service DP English Cat 1
History DP English Cat 1
Business management DP English Cat 1+2
Computer science DP English Cat 1+2
Economics DP English Cat 1+2
Film DP English Cat 1+2
Librarians DP English Cat 1+2
Visual arts DP English Cat 1+2
Counselling DP English Cat 2
Creativity, activity, service DP English Cat 2
History DP English Cat 2
Managing the extended essay DP English Cat 3
Design: Implementing the MYP curriculum MYP English Cat 1
Making the PYP happen in the classroom PYP English Cat 1