Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members (Leadership)

PD Topic area:  ALL
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 3

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Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members

This workshop introduces the philosophy of the IB to owners and members of governing boards. It focuses on standards A (philosophy) and B (leadership and resources) to assist these groups in understanding their responsibility and contribution to the successful implementation of IB programmes. Participants will have an overview of the processes of authorization and evaluation and an opportunity to look at their school through the eyes of an IB visitor.

NOTE: This workshop is only available as a face to face event.


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members (Leadership) ALL English Cat 3

Speakers details

Deidre Fischer
Head of School, DF Education in Adelaide, South Australia

Deidre Fischer discovered the world of teaching in the IB in 1998 when she moved overseas, teaching in the Philippines, China, Mongolia, and Indonesia. She has held a variety of leadership and management roles, including Head of School in three IB World Schools. Deidre combines her depth and breadth of experience with her love for teaching and facilitating within her own business. The core value that drives her career is integrity and the fundamental belief of being respectful and helping others achieve their potential.

Deidre's leadership mantra: Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them achieve their potential.

Nigel Forbes-Harper
Executive Director, Tranby College in Perth, Western Australia

Nigel Forbes-Harper moved from the UK to Australia in 1972 and began his full-time teaching career in 1980 in Western Australia. This career took Nigel to Papua New Guinea, the Northern Territory of Australia, Turkey and Thailand, where he served as Head of the Senior School at Prem Tinsulanonda International School. Nigel later served for five years as head of School Services in the Asia Pacific region and was responsible for the management of IB programmes in IB World Schools in the region. He returned to Australia in 2012.

Nigel’s leadership mantra: Collaborate, listen, reflect, decide.