Reimagining the future of education at International Baccalaureate conference


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Global Education Leaders Gathering to Discuss Building a Better World Through Education

[Geneva (Switzerland)] [30 November 2020]—The International Baccalaureate Organization’s (IB) first global virtual conference begins this week. Beginning 30 November and extending for two weeks, participants from more than 100 countries will have the opportunity to engage with education experts, IB staff, peers and exhibitors as they discuss the best ways to achieve the IB’s mission of building a better world through education. The conference theme, ‘Reimagine the future of education’, will inspire engaging conversations about curriculum, technology and new approaches to teaching and learning continuing beyond the conclusion of the conference on 11 December 2020.

Dr Siva Kumari, Director General of the IB, will set the stage for collaboration with over 3,800 educators from all over the world, with remarks that reaffirm the axiom that education is the strongest force for good in a changing, challenging world.

“Much has changed in 2020 in the way we learn, teach, assess and work”, Haif Bannayan, Director of Outreach and Conferences stated. “It is likely that nothing will ever be as it was before, making the conference this year of greater significance. We witnessed the vulnerabilities and problems presented during the pandemic. Equally, we also see a wide range of opportunities and paths forward that will help achieve IB’s critical mission”.

During the conference, IB educators and other global education thought leaders will connect and share new educational insights with keynote speakers, topic experts, IB staff and exhibitors. Additionally, more than 60 live and on-demand sessions are scheduled.

“Drawing upon the same skills championed in the IB classroom, we are confident that conference participants will apply the critical thinking that delivers innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today”, Bannayan continued.

Data trends key for innovation in education will also be discussed and considered by conference participants as will IB’s success in investing in research to gain insights into curriculum and outcomes and cultivating new teaching techniques and resources for educators.

“The experts, resources and collaboration at the IB conference are enabling unique opportunities to discuss and define new and innovative approaches to education”, Bannayan continued. “Together we will reimagine the future of education, and further, ensure that future is bright”.