Price list

This example price list is to be read in conjunction with the Guidelines on the Licensing of IB material.

All prices quoted are in US$.

The figures given below provide examples of the charges that can be made for core material licensed for commercial use. In some cases, such as non commercial or educational uses, the charges may be lowered. Please submit an inquiry form to obtain the exact cost for your use.

The IB makes a distinction between materials and text it considers to be core to its programmes and other general text. Whereas general text is licensed on a per word basis, core materials are licensed for a set amount. Some examples of core materials are found in the list below.

Price List:

  • Examination Questions - $50 per examination question (the license includes the question, the answer found in the markscheme and any associated diagrams).
  • Procedural Forms (from the handbook of procedures) - $160 each
  • Academic Forms (from curriculum documents) - $400 each
  • IB Programme Models - $160 each
  • Other IB Diagrams - $80 each
  • General text $0.25 per word
  • Examples of Core Materials
  • The IB Learner Profile - $400
  • CAS Learning Outcomes - $160
  • Assessment Criteria (including level descriptors) - $80 each
  • Assessment Objectives - $40 per objective (including subpoints)
  • Command Terms - $40 for all command terms for a given objective
  • Transdiciplinary Skills - $400
  • Transdiciplinary Themes - $400
  • Areas of Interactions - $400
  • PYP Attitudes - $400
  • PYP Overall Expectations - $30 each
  • PYP Conceptual understandings - $30 each
  • PYP Learning Outcomes - $15 each

Additional Charges

In certain situations the following additional premiums will be applied to all prices given on the price list:

  • For secure (restricted) online use: An additional 10%
  • Where a CDRom of the work will accompany the print edition: An additional 10%