For publishers

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is always pleased to see the publication of good quality resources to support IB programmes.

Producing IB materials for commercial use

From time to time, the IB works with publishers and other organizations to develop products and resources that support those working with the IB.  

These agreements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and are subject to internal approval.

If you wish to produce material for the IB market, please read our guidance for third party publishers and providers.

Below, you'll find information about gaining authorization to use the IB's 'in cooperation with' logo. 

Criteria for approval of products published “in cooperation with IB”

The following is a summary of the criteria that has been used by the IB to determine whether to approve a product to be published “in cooperation with IB”. 

As a condition for gaining IB authorization to use the “in cooperation with “ logo in association with its products and services, a third party publisher must adhere to these criteria.

  1. The content matches the syllabus
  2. The content covers an appropriate selection of syllabus topics for this type of publication
  3. Each topic is explained appropriately (content referring to the syllabus is accurate)
  4. The student is prompted to think for him/herself, encouraged to look at other resources, conduct own research
  5. Accurate names for IB terminology are used
  6. Aspects of IB are included appropriately and accurately. (Eg., IB Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning skills, Global contexts, and concepts such as concept-based teaching,)
  7. The content is sufficiently international
  8. The language used is of a suitable level for target readership and for non-native speakers
  9. Content is current and will remain valid for intended shelf life of the publication
  10. Any recommended outside resources such as websites are credible sources 
  11. The resource has not been written by anyone with direct involvement in setting related assessments (same paper/same content)
  12. The resource should be free from any reference to assessment roles (IB assessment author or IB examiner) undertaken by the author(s) for the IB.

Any inquiries about these criteria, or requests for approval of products published with “in cooperation with IB”, can be sent to