Candidate phase

During the candidate phase, the school takes actions necessary to fulfill the International Baccalaureate® (IB) requirements for authorization. 

During this period:

A crucial element of the candidate phase is the consultation process, which includes a fixed number of hours of remote consultation per year of candidacy as well as—for all programmes except the CP—an on-site visit.

Throughout the candidate phase, the consultant will customize support and advice based on information provided in the current IB publications and his or her professional knowledge of the appropriate programme.

Both after the consultation visit and at the end of the consultation process, the school will receive a report from the consultant. Each report summarizes the progress made by the school towards meeting the requirements for authorization and provides feedback on the school’s readiness to apply for authorization.

While the school ultimately chooses when it is ready to apply for authorization, the consultant’s feedback and guidance should be strongly considered in making this important decision.

In addition to the Guide to school authorization, useful documents for this phase include the Programme standards and practicesGuidelines for consultants, and Rules for candidate Schools that can be found in our resource and document library.

These documents are the authoritative statements of the standards, practices and requirements to which schools are subject during and after the authorization process.