Professional development requirements

Professional development (PD) is a key part of the authorization process for becoming an International Baccalaureate® (IB) World School, and makes sure that educators have the expertise to deliver the IB’s programmes.

Educators must meet professional development requirements as part of the authorization process. Consult the Guide to school authorization for detailed information on PD requirements and the various ways to fulfil them.

PD requirements for the consideration phase

Before the school applies for candidacy, the head of school (or appropriate designee) must fulfill the category 1 “head of school” workshop requirement for the relevant programme. 

An appropriate designee is a member of the school’s senior management team who will play a leadership, change management and decision-making role during the authorization process. The programme coordinator is not an appropriate designee. 

The head of school workshop requirement must be met in order for candidacy to be awarded.

PD requirements during candidacy

During candidacy school staff will prepare to offer the programme in various ways, including by completing required PD.

The programme coordinator must complete the most current version of the category 1 “Leading the learning” workshop for the programme under their responsibility. This workshop must be completed within six months of the projected award of candidacy.

The workshops listed in the table below must be completed before the verification visit to meet the PD requirements for authorization.


PD requirements



Category 1 “Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency” workshop

The pedagogical leadership team and all faculty who work with PYP students full- or part-time


“Developing the MYP” introductory in-school workshop

All members of the MYP teaching staff


Category 1 subject  workshops

At least one teacher per subject group


Category 1 “Theory of knowledge” workshop

Theory of knowledge teacher(s)


Category 1 “Creativity, activity, service” workshop.

Creativity, activity service (CAS) coordinator (s)


Category 1 subject workshops

All DP subject teachers


“Developing the CP” introductory in-school workshop

All members of the CP teaching staff



Category 1 “CP Personal and professional skills” workshop

Personal and professional skills teacher(s)


Category 1 “Service learning in the CP” workshop

Service learning coordinator(s)


Category 1 “CP Reflective project” workshop

Reflective project supervisor(s)


Category 1 subject workshops

All DP subject teachers

*only if the school is not authorized, or seeking authorization for, the DP

Continued professional development

Teacher training and development shouldn’t end with the requirements for authorization—and the continuous professional development of IB teachers is a mandatory requirement that helps ensure the integrity of one of the world’s most forward-thinking educational frameworks.

Read more about professional development requirements for authorized schools.

The IB encourages schools to make use of the many professional development opportunities and workshop delivery options that are offered to help teachers stay on track.