Professional development requirements

A key part of authorization process for becoming an International Baccalaureate® (IB) World School, professional development makes sure that educators have the expertise to deliver the IB’s programmes.

Educators must attend professional development workshops as part of the authorization process. 

Continued professional development

Teacher training and development shouldn’t end with the requirements for authorization - and the continuous professional development of IB teachers is a mandatory requirement that helps ensure the integrity of one of the world’s most forward-thinking educational frameworks.

The IB encourages schools to make use of the many professional development opportunities that are offered to help teachers stay on track.

How can schools participate in professional development? 

Schools can participate in professional development from the earliest stages of their involvement with the IB. Introductory professional development workshops are provided to help schools start planning the continuous training of their teachers.

Schools can also participate in regional activities and events - including annual regional conferences.

Find events and workshops

You can find events and workshops on the IB website.