MYP authorization process

There is an authorization process for every school wishing to implement the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP).

Throughout the process, the IB supports each candidate school to become authorized.

Are there specific processes for the MYP?

Candidate schools must show that they have both the infrastructure and the skills in place to deliver the MYP, and that they share IB’s values and beliefs.

Schools must also:

  • appoint an MYP coordinator – to lead the programme and communicate with the IB
  • show that they can deliver the MYP flexibly, to the IB’s high standards, in cases where the school or education authority cannot support the full 5-year programme
  • commit to the mandatory professional development of MYP educators
  • give reasons why the MYP is not offered to all students, if the IB considers this to be appropriate in a particular case.

You can view detailed information about the full process below:

Guide to school authorization: Middle Years Programme [586KB] 

The authorization timeline

Candidate schools must complete a standard authorization process that’s in place for all IB programmes.

The path commences with the candidate’s application then goes through a structured framework where the IB works with the candidate school to put everything in place, from values and philosophy to expertise and leadership.

Educators must undergo professional development at the same time as the school enters the candidate phase. If successful, the candidate school will be authorized to deliver the MYP. 

Global Authorization Process: Middle Years Programme*
for schools that start their academic year in August/September

Global Authorization Process: Middle Years Programme*
for schools that start their academic year in February/March

How long does the authorization process take?

A successful candidate school usually takes between two and three years to complete the authorization process.

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You can also read about fees, and in more detail about the stages of the authorization process.