CP authorization process

During the process of authorization to implement the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Career-related Programme (CP), the IB supports the candidate school in building the understanding and organizational structures it will need.

At the end of the authorization process, the candidate school will become an IB World School. This status is needed to implement any of the IB’s programmes.

Are there specific processes for the CP?

The CP is a special and distinctive educational framework. CP students are given a programme of learning that focuses on improving an entire set of life skills, while also providing academic excellence.

To provide such a programme, schools must match the IB’s beliefs and values, and be able to support students taking the CP by using the correct teaching, curriculum, resources and support.

Schools must also:

  • Appoint a CP coordinator to lead the programme and work with the IB
  • Commit to ongoing professional development for CP teachers

You can view detailed information about the full process below:

What does the authorization process involve?

The IB’s standard authorization process works through four main stages. The process starts with completing an application form at the consideration stage, and ends with a decision on authorization from the IB. 

Teachers must also take specialist training that runs concurrently with the school’s authorization process - and the IB will visit the school for a verification visit during the candidate phase.

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How long does the authorization process take?

The authorization process varies by school and IB programme, but typically takes between 1 and 3 years. Please refer to the guide to authorization, linked to above, for more detailed information on authorization processes, requirements, and timelines.