African Education Festival, Johannesburg 2020

As educators, how do we challenge ourselves to be more effective practitioners and remain inspired? How can we create educational ecosystems that thrive within and beyond the confines of a classroom? How do we develop students who understand their role and will be positioned to succeed in our globalised, integrated and collaborative world? Join us at the African Education Festival, taking place in Johannesburg on 27 - 28 February 2020.

Join us for this year's African Education Festival and engage with inspiring stories, innovative ideas and integrated educational approaches from our keynote speakers, panellists and other fellow educators. You can also take a look at what the IB community is sharing ahead of the African Education Festival. 



About the festival

The theme of "Leading and learning in the 21st century" is designed for policy makers, administrators, principals and heads of schools, as well as leaders of educational institutions in the region.

Join us at the African Education Festival to:

  • Expand your professional connections
  • Discuss new ideas and access valuable resources
  • Become part of an impactful learning community
  • Develop your agency to inspire, innovate, and integrate

The African Education Festival is an opportunity for thought leaders in education to discuss current education trends, explore innovation in education practice and capture key developments in both education leadership and learning.


Get excited for next years African Education Festival.