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Vibrant, modern, internationally renowned, Mediterranean, multicultural, entrepreneurial, open, friendly and stunningly attractive, with an outstanding gastronomic, architectural and cultural heritage – you guessed it, we’re talking about Barcelona. Few cities in the world offer so many reasons to host a very special event!

Its strategic location, modern and comprehensive service network, broad and successful track record in the organisation of major events of all types and its especially hospitable character make Barcelona one of the world’s three principal tourist destinations, according to the annual ranking published by the International Congress and Convention Association.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in Spain, a territory whose enviable location has always favoured a very close relationship with the other cultures around the shores of the Mediterranean. From its birth in the 10th century to today, Catalonia has constantly played an outstanding economic role within the framework of Mediterranean and European trade. Its own history and language form the basis of its collective identity, currently shared by its 7.5 million inhabitants.

The city enjoys a rich architectural heritage, with many UNESCO listed landmarks. Complementing this is a very lively cultural agenda with world-class contemporary entertainment and popular festivals all year round. 

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