Professional development

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a leading provider of high-quality, engaging, and innovative professional development in the Asia-Pacific region.

We offer regional and in-school workshops in order to:

  • support the professional growth of teachers and administrators
  • transform classroom practice and student learning
  • cultivate enduring communities of learners.

Workshops in the Asia-Pacific region

The number of educators attending IB Asia-Pacific (IBAP) workshops continues to grow, with over 20,000 educators participating in our workshops every year.

We work with networks throughout the region, and with several partners, to deliver the workshops teachers need at a location close to them. Regional workshops are held throughout the year, in an ever-growing number of locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Regional workshops

Find a workshop near you. 

Workshop calendars

To support your annual planning, the IB has created professional development calendars for the Asia-Pacific region.

Browse 2018 PD workshops by date and event location or by category and workshop topic and use the provided web links in the calendars to register online for the PD workshop(s) that you have selected.

Download programme-specific calendars for 2018 via buttons below.

Download the 2018 PYP Workshop Schedule Download the 2018 MYP Workshop Schedule Download the 2018 DP/CP Workshop Schedule

For information on fees in Asia-Pacific, please download the following documents:

For Asia-Pacific workshops terms and conditions, please see the document below:

In-school workshops

Asia-Pacific hosts approximately 25-30 in-school workshops each month, for schools implementing IB programmes. These workshops are tailored to the needs of school staff and are proven to be a cost-effective way to strengthen the whole school community.

They are delivered on the school premises.

Register for an in-school workshop, using the IB information system (IBIS). Most workshops in the professional development catalogue, linked to below, can be requested as an in-school workshop. 


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For more information on the requirements for in-school workshops, please download the document below. It includes fees and payment information, as well as links to related policies. 

This in-school workshop budgeting tool will support your planning process:

You can read our step-by-step guidelines on registering for in-school workshops [127 KB] , and we also have guidelines on room sizes for in-school workshops [130 KB] .

If your school would like to host an in-school workshop, but has a faculty of less than 12 members of staff, it can share professional development with one other school.

For more information, please download the following document: Asia-Pacific small school policy [582 KB]  . If you have further questions, please contact the regional professional development team. 

If IB workshop leaders are a part of your faculty, please refer to our resident workshop policy [204 KB]  . 

Host a workshop

If you would like to be considered as a host venue for an IB regional workshop event, please complete the application form [104 KB]

Exhibit at a workshop

If you represent an organization wishing to exhibit at events in Asia-Pacific, you can apply online.

Workshops in Australia


Teachers - TQI evaluations for IB workshops must be completed in order for the workshops to be reaccredited annually.


NESA - Online and face-to-face workshops are being submitted for interim accreditation consideration. Virtual workshops will be submitted as new workshops when the process is available from NESA

NSW and ACT in Australia accredited teachers:

At all workshop events in Australia, participants will be provided with a form to complete for IB workshops covered by NESA or TQI accreditation. If the workshop is not accredited at present, participants can use the workshops for teacher identified PD.

IB Accredited Workshops as of 12 April 2016*:

NESA (NSW only):

Concepts and inquiry in the DP, cat 3

TOK, cat 1

All DP cat 1 workshops – subject

MYP: Implementing the MYP, cat 1 – subjects

Making the PYP happen in the classroom, cat 1

TQI (ACT only):

All DP workshops, cat 2 - subject

All DP workshops , cat 3 - SSS

Approaches to Teaching and Learning in the DP, cat 3


Launching the MYP, Cat 1 (mandatory in-school workshop)

All Implementing the MYP Curriculum Cat 1 subject specific workshops

Managing assessment in the MYP, cat 3

Implementing the MYP Curriculum - Heads of school and MYP Coordinators, cat 1

MYP subject-group teachers: Delivering the MYP curriculum, cat 2

Approaches to Learning, cat 3

Creating Authentic Units, cat 3

Projects, cat 3


Making the PYP happen in the classroom, cat 1

The written curriculum, cat 2

The exhibition, cat 2

Reading and writing through inquiry, cat 3

Transdisciplinary learning, cat 3

Introduction to the PYP Standards for Administrators, cat 1

Introduction to the Curriculum Model, cat 1

Assessment, cat 2

Pedagogical Leadership, cat 2

Teaching and Learning, cat 2

Concept-base Learning, cat 3

Encouraging Children's Creative Instincts in the Classroom, cat 3

Inquiry, cat 3

The Role of the Coordinator, cat 3

* This list will be updated as new workshops are included

Contact the professional development team

If you have a question about professional development in the region, please email us