Associations of IB World Schools

Associations of International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools are groups, formed by IB school practitioners, which support a network of IB World Schools.

The Associations assist teachers, students and existing IB World Schools in their area, supporting schools to implement IB programmes, and providing a forum for school collaboration and informal gatherings.

Associations of IB World Schools may also be involved in developing university and government recognition of the benefits of an IB education.

Some associations run professional development workshops in cooperation with the IB.

Is there an association in my area?

There are currently six Associations of IB World Schools in the Asia-Pacific region:

Association of Chinese and Mongolian IB Schools (ACMIBS)


IB Association for Japan (IBAJ)


Association of IB World Schools in Pakistan (IBPAK)


IB Association of World Schools for South Korea Resource Centre Society

Website: Coming soon.

IB Schools Australasia (IBSA)


The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI)


Becoming an Association

If you wish to become an Association of IB World Schools in Asia-Pacific, please email the regional development team.

Before doing so, please read through the criteria for recognition: