Guidance on registration and payment for events

Below, you will find guidance on how to register and make payments for Professional Development events as well as the Regional Conference in Africa, Europe, and Middle East (AEM).

Who can register? 

Any interested participant (affiliated or not with an IB school) can register individually or by an administrator. To assure a workshop is appropriate for a participant it is the responsibility of the person who registers the participant to ensure his or her:

  • level of understanding of the IB programme.
  • level of experience in working with the IB  programme.
  • command of the teaching language of a workshops. 

Find out more about our IB Professional Development (PD) workshops here.

To find our more on where and when (PD) workshops are hosted look here.

How to register?

The following registration procedure applies to both IB & non-IB school participants.

The “Registration” button, for AEM events taking place from July 2016 onward, will lead you to our NEW online registration system: cvent
Instructions on how to register in cvent can be found here [722 kb] .

After having registered on cvent you can automatically add the workshop dates to your calendar. Cvent also offers the option to see the weather forecast at the workshop location and more.

When are you confirmed?

Each individual participant and the IB coordinator or administrator (if applicable) will receive an automated acknowledgment of registration first.
NB: This is not the official confirmation.

A formal confirmation of participation will be sent out later and only if a workshop is officially opened (i.e. once enough participants have registered).

The following conditions apply:

  • The IB reserves the right to cancel workshops that do not receive sufficient enrolments.
  • All registrations are subject to space availability and are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registrations made after the registration deadline are not guaranteed placement. 

Please do not:

  • Confuse the automatic acknowledgment with the confirmation of registration.
  • Purchase non-refundable airline tickets until you have received the formal confirmation of participation.

Practical information when registering participants:

  • Avoid using accents and special characters on the registration form.
  • Names of participants will appear on badges and certificates, as spelled on registration form.
  • Ensure the participant’s email address is correct for future event communication.
  • Accommodation information is available on the event web page.
  • A week after the event, participants entitled to the certificate will receive an email from which they will be able to download their certificate of attendance.

Conditions for changes of confirmed participants

  • A confirmed participant unable to attend may be replaced for that specific workshop by another teacher from the same school (provided the replacement has the required criteria for that workshop). Registration can’t be transferred from one workshop to another without written confirmation from the IB AEM professional development team. Without confirmation the registration will be annulled and the IB cancellation policy will apply.
  • No on-site applications or changes of subject workshop will be accepted.

How to pay?

  • Taxes are included in the fees, except Swiss tax (VAT 8%).
  • There is one accepted currency per event, as indicated on the event webpage.
  • Only IB schools can pay by invoice.
  • A proforma invoice can be downloaded from the IB online registration system, a final invoice will be issued subsequently. A pro-forma invoice can be downloaded from the IB online registration system, only once your registration gets confirmed. A final invoice will be issued subsequently.
  • Non-IB school participants are requested to pay by credit card.  Non- IB school participants are requested to pay by credit card. Please note that the amount will automatically be deducted from your account, only if your registration gets confirmed.
  • If needed, you can request a final invoice to make your payment by contacting IB Credit Control A postal address, to which they can send the invoice, should be included.

N.B. We strongly recommend that participants should NOT make travel booking before the workshop participation has been formally confirmed by the IB.

Information for payments by invoice (IB schools only)

Please inform your bank that all costs are to be met in advance and that the IB must receive the exact amount due.
To record your payment correctly, quote these relevant references:

  • Invoice reference number where applicable,
  • Your IBIS code
  • School name
  • Event: Name, city & date