Associations of IB World Schools

Many International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools in Africa, Europe and the Middle East have chosen to form local associations with other IB World Schools. 

These groups are known as Associations of IB World Schools. Some associations are formed at a national level, while others are sub-regional – covering schools across more than one country in the region.

Associations of IB World Schools are non-profit, and provide a forum for school collaboration, informal gatherings and the exchange of good practice.

They are active in negotiating university and government recognition for IB programmes, and can be an indispensable resource for schools discovering the IB for the first time. 

Some associations also offer orientation events, for those wishing to learn more about the IB, and run professional development workshops in cooperation with us.

The IB works on a formal basis with some associations, recognizing the key role that they play in supporting the school network and developing the IB mission around the world. 

Becoming an association

If you wish to become an Association of IB World Schools in the Africa, Europe, Middle East region, you should email the regional development team.

Before doing so, please read through the criteria for recognition [1.8 MB] PDF.

Is there an association in my area?

There are many Associations of IB World Schools across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. They are listed below.

Associations of IB World Schools with cooperation and licence agreement

  • Commonwealth of Independent States
    • The IB Schools Association of Commonwealth of Independent States (IBSA)
    • Website
  • Central Europe
    • Association of Central European Schools (ACES)
  • Eastern Europe
    • Association of Eastern European Schools (AEES)
  • Germany
    • Association of German International Schools (AGIS)
    • Website
  • Greece
    • International Baccalaureate Schools in Greece Association Non Profit Company (IBSIGA)
  • Italy
    • The Association of IB World Schools in Italy (AIBWSI)
    • Contact
  • Middle East
    • Middle East IB Schools Association (MEIBA)
    • Website
  • Morocco
    • Association des Ecoles du BI du Maroc (AEBIM)
    • Website
  • Netherlands
    • The Association of Dutch IB World Schools
    • Contact
  • Spain
    • Asociacion de Colegios BI en Espana (ACBIE)
    • Contact
  • Sweden
    • The Association of Swedish IB Schools (ASIB)
    • Website
  • Switzerland
    • Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)
    • Contact
  • United Kingdom
    • The IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA )
    • Website

Associations of IB World Schools

  • Denmark
    • The Danish Association of IB Schools
    • Contact
  • Finland
    • Association of Finnish IB Schools (AFIB)
    • Contact
  • Lebanon
  • Norway
    • Norwegian IB Schools (NIBS)
    • Contact
  • Poland
    • IB Schools Association in Poland
    • Contact
  • Portugal
  • Southern Africa
    • IB Schools in Southern Africa (IBASA)
    • Contact
  • Spain
    • Asociación Ibérica de Colegios de BI (ASIBI)
  • Turkey
    • Association of IB World Schools in Turkey
    • Contact