2014 regional conference

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Photos from the 2014 Regional Conference

Videos from the 2014 Regional Conference

Keynotes from the 2014 Regional Conference

Dr. Yong Zhao

World Class Learners; Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students [2.4MB] pdf 

Professor Andreas Schleicher

Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in education [4.2MB] pdf 

Cathryn Berger Kaye M.A.

Taking Action: A Dynamic Way of Knowing [3MB] pdf 

Professor Michael Fullan

Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge

Professor Marcus du Sautoy

Teaching the Shakespeare of Mathematics [2MB] pdf 

Dr. Robin Ann Martin and Alanna MacPherson Can, M.A. student

Teacher development across disparate cultures: A case study [1.3MB] pdf 

Dinos Aristidou

Knowing me, knowing you; Experiential learning, empathy and the art of reflection [1.8MB] pdf 

Dr. Fran Martin

Ways of knowing: the place of cultural knowledge in developing intercultural understanding and respect [2.9MB] pdf 

Workshop presentations

Below you will find the 2014 Regional Conference workshop presentations and their main presenter.

Marta Soriano Cuba

Desarrollar la Inteligencia Emocional a través de los atributos en EI [5.2MB] pdf

Angela Riviere

Engagement in the Extended Essay the role of reflection [1.2MB] pdf

Kathleen Naglee

History and Memory Deeper connections for TOK instruction [2.2MB] pdf

James Swetz

How do we know we are internationally-minded in a national school [9.7MB] pdf

Adrian Kearney

IB strategy and engagement in Africa, Europe and Middle East [1MB] pdf

Ruairidh MacKenzie

Indigenous knowldege systems and crossing epistomological boundries in education [4.2MB] pdf

Christine Lang

Inquiry-based primary mathematics curriculum development [3.4MB] pdf

Matt James

Just-in-time rather than just-in-case. Informal and social learning for teachers [1.2MB] pdf

Gerard Calnin

Leading through capacity building [2.3MB] pdf

Helen Jeffery

Mapping skills across the IB Continuum [2.1MB] pdf

Gareth Hegarty

MYP eAssessment developments [1.5MB] pdf

David Clapp

Science creativity live [3.2MB] pdf

Branka Sreckovic Minic

Successful IB DP Online Learning as a new 'Way of Knowing' [1.1MB] pdf

Pedro Pozo

Using the Design Cycle to teach robotics through cooperative learning [1.6MB] pdf

Fiona Clark

Working through the five-year self-evaluation [1MB] pdf

Dominic Robeau

Bringing the IBCC core to life [4MB] pdf

Janice Dennis

The concept of concepts [2.9MB] pdf

John Cannings

Bringing TOK into the student's preparation for the Extended Essay [572KB] pdf

Jenny Gillet

Demistifying TOK (for coordinators and non-TOK teachers) [689KB] pdf

Karin Martin

Developing and supporting a multilingual learning community [1MB] pdf

Rebecca Hamer

Different Ways of Knowing in the classroom. The effect on teaching and learning [2.7MB] pdf

Chris Drew

Inter-cultural intelligence in schools [2,2MB] pdf

Nuria Miro

Metodologia de aprendizaje orientada al servicio y basada en proyectos [853KB] pdf

Alexandra Holland

Pluralism. A key challenge of the 21st Century (Kofi Annan) [1MB] pdf

Vani Veikoso

Teachers' practices, values and beliefs for inquiry based teaching in the PYP [1023KB] pdf

Lou Marchesano

Teaching, learning and assessing for understanding across the IB Continuum [3MB] pdf

Alex Klaiss

University application strategies for IB Coordinators and counsellors [518KB] pdf

Elizabeth Swanson

Using MYP assessment criteria to promote autonomy, mastery and purpose [1.6MB] pdf

Oxford Study Courses

33 points to Oxford PhD exploring the longitudinal value of the IB Diploma Programme [877KB] pdf

Jenny Gillet

ATL in the DP [692KB] pdf

GL Education

Enhancing Teaching & Learning Using Effective Assessment [2.8MB] pdf

Wenger Corporation

Ensuring Your School Makes Sweet Music. How to Strike the Right Note in School Acoustics [4.5MB] pdf

The New York Times in Education

Igniting the Mind One Article at a Time [902KB] pdf

Philpot Education

Language learning in an international context [986KB] pdf

Scholastic International

Measure, monitor, and motivate reading progress in your learners [1.8MB] pdf

Pamoja Education

Online IBDP Courses what you need to know [690KB] pdf

Lanterna Online

The Future Classroom. Why the Digital Textbook is becoming the preferred choice [2.8MB] pdf

University of Bocconi

The successful IB student A testimonial from Universita Bocconi [5.4MB] pdf

Jesús Castillo Albalate

Give me 5. Engaging your students with creative design units [1.6MB] pdf

Carla Marschall

Involving Students in Curriculum Evalutaion [3.5MB] pdf

Ali Ezzedine

Understand your own culture by mastering your mother tongue [4.1MB] pdf

Terri Walker

PYP: What's in a Review? [894KB] pdf

Heather Lapper 

Broadening the impact of IB in your school [1.2MB] pdf

Andrew Mayes

Exploring designerly ways of knowing [3.6MB] pdf

Angela Hopkins

IB recognition updates and evelopments - UK, US, Canada, Australia [1.7MB] pdf

Jane Whitle International Mindedness: How do we really know? [5.2MB] pdf
Angela Riviere Learning Accross Boudaries: The World Studies Extended Essay [2MB] pdf
Peter Murphy Learning focussed data dashboards [8.8MB] pdf
Andrew Atkinson The future of IB programme evaluation [4.3MB] pdf
Tima AlZaim The New Venture in Implementing the IB Philosophy [2MB] pdf
Silvia Bettini The Year of Food: Mathematical Thinking Through Meaningful Contexts [4.9MB] pdf
Renne Kennedy Using Fieldwork to Enhance our Ways of Knowing [3.9MB] pdf
Andrew Watsen Ways of Knowing: Sustainable teaching for a sustainable world [3.6MB] pdf

Adriaan van der Bergh

Digital game-based learning: Get into the game! [4.5MB] pdf

Jesus Castillo

Give me 5 - Engaging your students with creative design units [1.6MB] pdf

Konstantin Bezukladnikiov

IB teacher Professional Development: Russian Practices [2.1MB] pdf


Naviance career and university readiness in a global society [3.5MB] pdf

Charlotte Vale

Nonrational ways of knowing in the history classroom [1.6MB] pdf

Fiona Clark

Diploma Coordinator as pedagogical leader [2.1MB] pdf

Eduardo Cary

Encouraging creativity through Music and Movement [1.1MB] pdf

Robert Harrison

IIIitaunikuliriniq: Teaching/learning/assessing readiness skills [2.2MB] pdf

German School Beirut 
Addressing Ways of Knowing through ICT Teaching in a High-Tech Classroom [1.5MB] pdf
Richard Penrose
High and lows of DP May 2014 assessment session [1.3MB] pdf
Anthony Tait
IB Professional Development - developing leaders in international education [3MB] pdf
Adrian Kearney

Heads to Heads session [1.6MB] pdf

Colegio San Patricio, Madrid

I3e: inteligencia emocional en entornos escolares [1.8MB] pdf 

Luise Banahene

Supporting students applying to Russell Group universities [65KB] pdf

Jaime Weiler

Placement and pathways - MYP language acquisition [934KB] pdf

Ildiko Murray

Teacher Collaboration for Accreditation: A Case Study of Evaluating the DP [3.7MB] pdf 

Elisabeth Engum

Flipped Learning [2.8MB] pdf

Rosannan Montalbano

Teachers and college counsellors: a team [5MB] pdf

Alex Klaiss

University application strategies for IB coordinators and counselors [1.3MB] pdf

Angelica Nierras

The role of systems [4.9MB] pdf

Sebastian Nadim Sherif

Technology in education: a blessing or a curse? [5MB] pdf

Scholastic International

Building mathematic understanding [4.7MB] pdf

Hadrian Briggs

A festival of ideas: Independence, creativity and the Learner Profile [9MB] pdf

Gioko Anthony

Infusing technology for early years literacy support [3.6MB] pdf

Amina La Cour

Knowing as young learners: the power of stories [3.6MB] pdf

Tom Brodie

Reflection in the DP core [2.7MB] pdf

Giovanna Rampone

Ways of knowing and the IB curriculum: The journey of an Italian teacher [1.4MB] pdf

Robin Press

How long has it been since you climbed a mountain? [7.9MB] pdf

Celina Garza

Academic honesty - principles into practice [1.4MB] pdf

Michael Lynch

The applicability and impact of using the IB learner profile as a framework for discussing bullying in the MYP [1.5MB] pdf

Liina Baardsen

Global politics: the new kid on the DP block for 2015 [695KB] pdf

T. Bernard Kinane 

Harvard and MIT- style innovation for the 21st-century high school [2.5MB] pdf

Andrew Derry

High wires and safety nets [6.2MB] pdf

Marc Starr

Is faith, Faith? [4.6MB] pdf

Angelika Kuster

MUN and the IB MYP [3.1MB] pdf

Sue Richards

PYP professional development planning for schools and individuals [5.9MB] pdf

Jenny Gillet

Theory of Knowledge (first assessment 2015) [985KB] pdf