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With a global network of students, educators and researchers across almost 5,000 schools worldwide, we are constantly creating groundbreaking news in the world of education. Spreading the word on educational developments is a key element of our focus, and we’re here to help in any way we can to assist you in telling the story of the IB and how we’re changing the face of education.

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Celebrating this milestone is possible because of the impact, innovation and international mindedness of school communities. Contact us if you're an IB World School who'd like to know more about getting involved with our 50th anniversary celebrations. You can also subscribe to our newsletters to keep up to date with news from the IB community.

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To celebrate this important milestone, the IB presents a limited edition of branded merchandise, including mugs, lapel pins, pens, apparel and more. Don’t miss your chance to get a unique piece of this 50th anniversary collection at the Follett IB Store.

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