Featured alumni stories

Curious to read more about how the IB has shaped the lives of alumni around the world? To mark our 50th anniversary we are presenting a new series of featured alumni stories in 2018.

The IB is very proud of its alumni all around the world. Our alumni are an integral part of the IB's mission to create a better world through education and we are always welcoming graduates to share their personal stories and experiences. In light of our 50th anniversary year we are publishing a series of featured alumni stories, asking our alumni questions such as "How did you reach where you are today?" and "Which of your IB teachers inspired you most?".

We also invite you to visit our 50th anniversary timeline to follow our journey.

Hannah Liddell - Wellington, New Zealand

Hannah Liddell completed her IB diploma at Queen Margaret College, New Zealand. She currently specializes in project management, airport planning and design at an engineering consultancy, hoping to foster sustainable thinking in the industry.

Mason Ji - Washington, US

Mason Ji graduated from Interlake High School, US, with a bilingual English-Chinese IB diploma. He has worked at the United Nations as a member of the Republic of Seychelles delegation and served as a White House ambassador for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Oluwatoyin Asojo - Victoria, Canada

Oluwatoyin Asojo is a graduate of Pearson College UWC, Canada. She has a PhD in chemistry and currently works as an educator and researcher.

Robin Ye - Oregon, US

Robin Ye is a graduate from the International School of Beaverton, US, and currently works as a Field and Political organizer at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) located in Southeast Portland.