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Utahloy International School

Start date
1 August 2012

Closing date
17 June 2012

Job interview date
16 May 2012

Middle Years Programme

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We are looking for an experienced MYP Coordinator or an experienced MYP teacher who has taken leadership roles within MYP, such as AOI leader. Our school was authorised in 2002 and we have an evaluation visit in March 2013.

The successful applicant will have evidence of leadership and administration skills. The position will suit a person who enjoys holistic learning through interisciplinary units, values constructivist pedagogy, and has a keen interest in developing vertical articulation with PYP and Diploma colleagues.

 Our school has eight mother tongue languages taught within the curriculum, across primary and secondary school. MYP students also learn a third language from a choice of five Language B courses. A multilingual applicant would find the school and programme very exciting.