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IB DP Coordinator

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THINK Global School

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1 August 2012

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The role of the DP Coordinator is crucial to the successful development & implementation of the Programme:

• Reports to the Head of School & Curriculum Director
• In charge of all communication with the IBO.
• Sets up, hosts, & leads any visits from the IBO or IB Consultants.
• Is directly responsible for implementation of IB DP, including managing the process that ensures that all guidelines are met.
• Ensuring all Principals are kept abreast of all developments & events concerning the IB DP.
• Plans (with the Principals of the related sections of the school) & leads any meetings or portions of meetings relating to the IB DP, including meetings with Teachers, Coordinators of CAS, TOK and EE.
• Writes, edits, & disseminates an IB DP Strategic Plan for the approval of the Principals, which must fit into other school planning.
• Plans, implements Extended Essay & provides training for teachers/supervisors for Extended Essay.
• Liaises with teachers about IB DP; is responsible for:
o ensuring teachers have & read essential documents.
o the dissemination to teachers of relevant IB DP correspondence.
o (with the support & assistance from the administration) the induction of new teachers into the Programme.
o ensuring that all relevant or required documentation is maintained & up-to-date on computer system.
o ensuring that Learner Profile attributes are addressed throughout program.
• Registers teachers for IB DP conferences.
• Decides (together with the Principals) about the subjects TGS registers for monitoring of assessment.
• Assists secondary teachers (e.g., the IT specialists) integrating their curriculum areas with IB DP and ensuring IB DP guidelines are met.
• Works with Director of Curriculum to coordinate collaborative planning between different disciplines.
• Assists the Curriculum Director and Head of School in creating a plan for the orientation and planning of new faculty.
• Ensures that all appropriate people are kept abreast of IB DP issues & developments.
• Works with the school administration to ensure that ordered resources are appropriate for the IB DP.

Additional Skills

• Organized with a high degree of self initiative
• Able to share a common living space with co-workers (private bed/bath provided)
• Ability to travel for extended periods of time
• Enjoy working with teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19 years old

To apply please go to the THINK Global School website or send your resume & cover letter to

TGS is an Equal Opportunity Employer