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Country: USA          Status: Public

IB programme: Primary Years Programme (PYP), since 2000

Broad River Elementary School is located in the Sea Islands of South Carolina, an area of natural beauty midway between Charleston and Savannah in the USA.

Students' artwork
Student artwork

Many of our students have limited resources and we receive special funding for 80% of our at risk students. Close on 50% of our students are eligible for free lunches with an additional 15% eligible for reduced lunch payments. We have 434 students enrolled at the school, from birth to grade 5. Some of the pre-schoolers are the children of students still enrolled in local high schools. Our annual turnover of students is 56%. Our student population includes an equal mix of Afro-Americans and Caucasians, and 5% of students are Hispanic. In short, ours is the kind of school that canny insiders of the educational world describe as challenging.

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