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Country: Finland          Status: Public

IB programme: Diploma Programme, since 2001

Lyseonpuiston Lukio is the most northerly IB World School in the world. We serve the town of Rovaniemi, the capital of the Finnish province of Lapland, which lies just 8km south of the Arctic Circle.

Lyseonpuiston Lukio, Finland

Rovaniemi was built at the meeting point of two rivers, which enabled the timber, reindeer and salmon trades to flourish in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Rovaniemi was a thriving town before its complete destruction in the Second World War. The city’s modern architecture contrasts with the extensive unspoiled Lapland countryside and the Arctic wilderness that surround it.

The school, whose present-day name is Lyseonpuiston Lukio, was founded in 1908, operating from a simple wooden building. It currently occupies stylish premises, admired as the most modern school building in northern Scandinavia when completed in 1952. Major renovation work is planned for 2009.

Our school is one of Finland’s largest high schools, with about 870 students at present, following the assimilation of a smaller neighbouring high school in autumn 2006. As in the other Nordic countries, we cater for years 10 to 12, the three years preceding higher education.

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