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Awty International School


Awty International School

Country / Territory: United States

IB region:
North America & the Caribbean

IB school code: 000436


Awty International School has been an IB World School since January 1987. It offers the IB Diploma Programme to 120 students. The school is private. The head of the school is Lisa Darling.

IB Diploma Programme

Authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme since January 1987, the programme is taught in English to 120 students.The school is open to male and female students.

Students at this school usually take IB exams in May.

In the last examination session, students completed the following exams: Arabic Ab. SL, Arabic B HL, Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Computer Sc. HL, Computer Sc. SL, Dutch A: Language and Literature HL, Dutch A: Language and Literature SL, Economics HL, Economics SL, English A: Language and Literature HL, English A: Language and Literature SL, English A: Literature HL, English A: Literature SL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL, French A: Language and Literature HL, French A: Language and Literature SL, French Ab. SL, French B HL, French B SL, German A: Literature HL, History HL, History SL, Mandarin Ab. SL, Math.Studies SL, Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Music HL, Norwegian A: Literature HL, Physics HL, Physics SL, Portuguese B HL, Psychology HL, Psychology SL, Spanish A: Language and Literature HL, Spanish Ab. SL, Spanish B HL, Spanish B SL, Theatre HL, Theatre SL, Theory Knowl. TK, Visual Arts HL and Visual Arts SL.

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Diploma coordinator

Ms Nancy Sullivan
7455 Awty School Lane
Harris County
United States

Contact by email
Phone (1) 713 328 5811

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