PYP Building Quality Curriculum

Benefit from an expert evaluation of your curriculum planning and writing through our Building Quality Curriculum service.

Enrolling in Building Quality Curriculum allows you to:

  • Receive structured feedback on PYP planning.
  • Deepen your understanding of the curriculum planning process and reflect on your planning practices.
  • Improve your written curriculum to positively impact teaching and learning.

This service is appropriate for PYP teachers from candidate and authorized schools who seek to improve their practice.

Currently offered in two service tiers:

Self-guided on demand

  • Using new IB-produced tools, reflectively self-assess your own units and programme of inquiry .

Interactive and consultative

  • Receive written feedback on up to six units of inquiry and your programme of inquiry.
  • Reflect on your self-assessment
  • Deepen your understanding through asking questions and receiving clarifications on your feedback

Three sessions of PYP Building Quality Curriculum are scheduled throughout this year. Select a session to find out more and register.