To ask a school what they need, then to develop it specifically for that school based on their needs is commendable. As a former Head of School I would support [this] philosophically and financially.

William Shell - former Exec Director, IB Programmes, School District #11, Colorado Springs, USA

School Enhancement Services

School Enhancement Services (SES) are a suite of services offered by the IB aimed at supporting authorization and evaluation. The IB offers SES to all, candidate and IB World Schools.

How are School Enhancement Services offered?

SES is delivered in the following formats:

- Webinars

- Seminars

- Online consultation

- Coaching via Skype online tools

- Face to face consultation and coaching

Three service tiers

Depending on your school's needs, SES is available in three tiers of service

1. Self-guided, on demand

2. Interactive and consultative

3. Customized onsite coaching

 Learn more about the initial trials

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) introduced this new suite of services to 100 participant schools and groups of schools in a series of trials conducted during 2014-16Read more about the initial SES trials on TwitterFacebookIB Global NewsIB in Practice, and on the School Services blog.

Choose from any of the following School Enhancement Services: