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Jeff Thompson Research Award

The IB would like to congratulate our latest winners:

Marisel Rocio Beteta Salas, Hiram Bingham School, Peru

  • Virtual environments and mathematics learning: An analysis of a proposal using technology to teach geometry in the MYP


Joanne Eileen Chatlos, Alcuin School, USA

  • The relationship of MYP teachers’ beliefs and practice to the IB learner profile


Pamela Jill Curtin, St. Nicholas, Brazil

  • What does it mean to “take action” in the PYP exhibition? An inquiry into the experiences of three Latin American schools


Caroline Joslin-Callahan, Frankfurt International School, Germany

  • Children’s understanding of international-mindedness in International Baccalaureate PYP schools


María Luísa Lagos Ramírez and María Mónica Peñaloza Sánchez, CIEDI - Colegio Internacional de Educación Integral, Colombia

  • Strategies for developing argumentation and verbal reasoning in the PYP


Rohan John Skene, Bavarian International School, Germany

  • Student voice and the international curriculum: Connections and contexts


All current and completed studies can be found on our winners’ studies page.

This award seeks to honour Professor Jeff Thompson's efforts to establish the research profile of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) by providing practitioners within IB World Schools with small incentive awards in recognition of their efforts to conduct research related to IB programmes. In addition to increased research activity within the organization, the IB is dedicated to encouraging and supporting independent school-based research to better inform the IB community.

Application guidelines

All application material can be accessed through the links on the right. Please review all material in advance of completing your application.  Award applications are available in English, French or Spanish. Applicants must submit the provided application form, along with any other supporting material, electronically to, and will receive confirmation of receipt of the application by email. Please fill out the fields directly in the PDF application form provided.


Individual awards may be granted up to a maximum of $5,000 each. Award funds may only be used for expenses directly related to the conducting of research outlined in the proposal, and cannot be used towards university tuition or fees or to supplement income while conducting research. Successful applicants will also have the registration fee of one Annual Regional Conference waived, so they may present their work to the IB community in their region.

Eligible applicants

Individual applicants must be employed in an IB World School. If an application is submitted jointly by more than one investigator, at least one co-investigator must be employed at an IB World School. Co-investigators may include persons not employed at an IB World School (for example, university researchers). No full or part-time employees of the IB are eligible for this award. The award scheme is intended strictly as a means to provide incentive funding and in no way constitutes full funding of a research project.

Selection and award process

Applications received at will be reviewed by IB's Jeff Thompson Research Award Committee twice a year. Preference will be given to research which is relevant and important to the IB community, such as, but not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Enhancement of IB programmes
  2. Contribution to studies in international education
  3. Impact of programme implementation on school improvement
  4. Impact of IB programme study on academic success, acquisition of international mindedness and the attributes of the learner profile
  5. Contribution to the development of the local school and practitioner research


The rating criteria for the application itself will include, but not be limited to, the following.

  1. Feasibility of the application
  2. Clear and realistic specification of outcomes and deliverables
  3. Use of appropriate methodology
  4. Access to and capacity to process data and analyze results
  5. Appropriate use of funds
  6. Ability to disseminate findings to a variety of audiences.
  7. Ethical considerations
  8. Clear support from the head of school


Support from the IB

A successful application will be given recognized status, such that information pertaining to the activity will be placed on the IB research web pages and included in other relevant IB communications. Successful applicants can expect the following support from the IB:

  • Advice on the application procedure
  • Advice on methods to be used and methodological approach
  • Advice on proper use of IB intellectual property rights
  • Access to IB research documents and statistics, including other IB research reports as appropriate to their need
  • Access and assistance with uploading information to the IERD
  • Advice on publication
  • Communication of results throughout the IB and IB World Schools


Communication and reporting expectations

As a condition of the award, all recipients are expected to provide a detailed report of the results of their projects, as well as an executive summary. Current in-progress and completed studies can be found on the winners’ studies page.

Questions about the application process can be directed to

Application Downloads

Application form (WORD)

Policy and procedures (PDF)

Terms and conditions (PDF)

Ethical standards for IB supported research projects (link to PDF)

Application Deadlines

31 October 2014

All applications to be sent to:

Contact IB Research


IB Research
7501 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200 West
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

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