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What is effective schooling? A review of current thought and practice reports on concpetual issues of school effectiveness and implications for education policy and practice (2013).

The IB Diploma Programme literature review is a summary of academic research on the IB Diploma Programme (2008).

International Education Research Database

The IERD is a collectively updated, searchable index of citations related to International Education.  All citations of research on the IB are automatically eligible for inclusion in this database.  Use this database to upload bibliography information about your IB or International Education related thesis, published article, or book or to search for other IB or international education theses, articles, or books. The database interface is in English but you are permitted to enter abstracts in English, Spanish, or French.

The Jeff Thompson Research Award

The Jeff Thompson Research Award provides incentive funding for current IB World School employees to conduct research projects in IB World Schools.  This is the only source of funding available for external research projects on the IB. The award is competitive and applications are reviewed twice a year. Summaries of the results of winners' research are posted to the IB website.

Journal of Research in International Education [outside resource]

While JRIE is not affiliated with IB, it frequently contains research articles related to the IB and is of general interest to those in the field of International Education.

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Key findings from programme impact research:

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