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IB Recognition communicates the value of an IB education. Recognition staff work to ensure that IB students are properly recognized by universities and governments for the unique credentials and qualifications of their IB education.

What's new?

The new university guide to the Diploma Programme highlights key HEI DP Guideaspects of the programme, including:

  • curriculum and assessment
  • perceptions of university officials
  • DP alumni patterns of college going and performance
  • views of DP students and alumni
  • the non-academic benefits of the DP
  • guidance on developing IB recognition policies

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Diploma Programme subject briefs for 30 additional subjects now available on our resource page!

New research explores the impact of the DP in China on student learning outcomes in terms of university entrance, preparation, and performance.

Registration for the World Student Conferences is now open!

University and government policy maker portal

  • View curriculum and assessment material
  • add or update your IB recognition policy
  • request student transcripts.


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