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Level 2 award

Courses of study recognized under the IB teacher award, level 2, include:



University Country

Master's of Education (IB)

Flinders University Adelaide, Australia
Master's degree in Advanced Study in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) George Mason University Virginia, USA
Masters of Education in International Education Murdoch University Perth, Australia
Masters of Education (International Baccalaureate) University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia

Master of Arts (MA) in Education

University of Bath Bath, UK

 ** Subject to legal agreement.

NB: The level 2 award is not programme-specific.


Please also see university announcements on the "find a course of study" page for details of events/activities that are taking place at universities worldwide in relation to the IB teacher awards initiative.

The course recognition process

For a course of study to be recognized by the IB as meeting the requirements of the level 2 award a university must have demonstrated that it will enable participating students to further develop their critical understanding of one or more IB programmes through engaging with the relevant educational research and theory.

Courses of study linked to the level 2 award must be at master's level or above and have a strong focus on systematic and rigorous educational inquiry. Such courses require participants to ground their investigative work in issues relating to international education and reference one or more of the IB programmes. Participants will be expected to identify their own areas of inquiry within the context of their practice.

The scope of the areas of inquiry must meet the following three broad principles.  

  • Both the conceptual understandings and the methodologies used in all inquiries must be assessed against criteria associated with study at master's level or higher.
  • All inquiry must be grounded in issues relating to international education with reference to one or more of the IB programmes.
  • Inquiries undertaken should include a significant proportion (50% or greater) of investigation into the participant's own teaching or school context.

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