Presenter biographies

Each webinar has a dedicated presenter.

Donnah Ciempka is a PYP teacher, IB workshop leader, school site visit leader, consultant and workshop developer. Her passion is innovative curriculum design and pedagogy, with the specific focus on the areas of early years and student wellbeing.

Louise D'Aragon

Louise D'Aragon is a French Canadian consultant educator. While teaching classes all grades of Primary years up to all grades of Secondary years, she did detours into Art therapy studies and practices. She got involved with MYP in 1997 and since then is being passionate by the IB programmes being at different times senior moderator for the personal project, curriculum reviewer, site visitor, workshop leader and now active as MYP online lead facilitator for the Online Professional Development department.

Cecile Doyen

Cécile Doyen is an experienced consultant who has worked with IB programmes in a variety of roles since 1998. She has been involved as a curriculum manager for the IB PYP and specializes in early years education and language learning.


Meagan Enticknap-Smith is the Director of Curriculum at Elmwood School in Ottawa, Canada. She has taught in a PYP classroom since 1999, when she began her career at the United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is an IB workshop leader and site visitor.
Gabriela Gonzalez Gabriela Gonzalez is a Uruguayan sociologist and Humanities teacher. She has her doctorate in sociology. As a teacher, she has taught MYP Humanities courses for several years and is currently Approaches to Learning leader at Saint Brendan´s School in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has experience in the PYP and DP and is part of IBEN as workshop leader and school consultant. Gabriela has also supported curriculum development for the IBO Middle Years Programme, managing the revision of the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and learning guides in the context of the Next Chapter project.
Joe Holroyd

Joe Holroyd is currently based in Hong Kong as DP Coordinator at Canadian International School. He is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning, having pursued postgraduate qualifications in Literature, Philosophy, Creative Writing and Counseling throughout his teaching career.

Anja Junginger

Anja Junginger is the Director of Digital Learning and Media Services at the International School of Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany who holds a Master’s of Educational Technology.

Starting with IB at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, Nick Lee moved to St Clare’s, Oxford, the oldest IB Diploma school in England, where he was DP Coordinator and Director of Studies. He worked with the IB recognition team, and then at the Westminster Academy in West London, and now leads different workshops and develops online workshops. 

Heather Michael has been teaching for 10 years and has served as IB Coordinator, TOK teacher and examiner, and has overseen CAS and Extended Essay programmes and processes. She has presented at the IB Conference of the Americas on connecting subjects to the DP core. Recently, she conducted research into the effect of student involvement in service learning and its impact on the emergence of adolescent leadership skills. 

Jan Mills

Jan Mills has worked in education for 30 years in primary, middle and high schools, and tertiary education as teacher, principal, PYP coordinator, teacher training college lecturer and educational researcher for the Visible Learning Lab, Auckland University. Her expertise lies in curriculum development and design, assessment, and professional development.

Lisa Nicholson Lisa Nicholson is from Santa Cruz, California and has been working with the MYP since 1995 as a teacher of history, coordinator, administrator, trainer, and curriculum writer with the MYP global professional development department.  She is passionate about kids, a believer in creating challenging inquiry environments that stimulate learning, and thinks that being a teacher is the best profession on earth.  Currently she is working as the lead facilitator for HOS/IBC teacher support material development and has written many of the MYP workshops now on offer.
Sujata Shah Sujata Saha is currently a Head of School at a year 1-5 MYP school on the South Shore of Montreal. She is both a face-to-face and online workshop leader for the MYP, as well as a school site visitor. She was an MYP mathematics teacher for 18 years and the teaching of mathematics continues to be a passion for Sujata. She got involved as an IB educator the IB in 1992, when her school was piloting what would become the MYP.
Barbara Stefanics Barbara Stefanics is an IB workshop leader and IB DP Consultant. She continuously investigates how emerging technologies can be incorporated into IB workshops and IB classrooms.

An expert in curriculum development in early and primary years, Dr Grette Toner has contributed to the IB’s review of its PYP and on the potentials of K-12 Literacy development. Her research covers curriculum, language and literacy development and whole-school approaches to intercultural education. She has been a primary school teacher, principal and head teacher of an intensive English language-learning centre.

Sandra Tweedy

Sandra Tweedy has more than 28 years of experience in education and has served as a Mathematics teacher in the IB Diploma Programme. She is a DP examiner, team leader and a member of the standardization team for Mathematical Studies. She is also a workshop leader and a reader for DP applications for authorization.

Elizabeth Waldman

Elizabeth Waldman is an IB History teacher at the International School of Geneva. She is a History Paper 1 examiner and internal assessment team leader and has contributed to the recent IB History curriculum review process. Liz is a trained IB workshop leader for both history and international-mindedness. She also has an MA in History Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.