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IB DP Advantage offers hours of informal professional development for a school's entire Diploma Programme (DP) staff. Below, you can sample and share an example of each of the four components of IB DP Advantage. Everything you'll find here is free of charge.

1. Explore interactive e-learning resources

This resource allows for self- or group-paced discovery of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), one of the DP's most significant elements. Designed for parents, it can be useful in both MYP and DP schools. 


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2. Access live coaching

Meet two live coaches who have more than 10 years of experience in leading and implementing the DP. 

Hear from Paul Gallagher

Paul is based in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Hear from Eli Bomfin

Eli is based in Muscat, Oman.

3. Watch videos of experienced IB educators

In this example of a video from IB DP Advantage, see real classroom examples and get reflective activities for discussion.

4. Participate in regular webinars

To understand how IB DP Advantage will enrich your DP experience, you can join an archived webinar for free. 

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Please select from one of the below registration tiers. To determine the tier that is appropriate for your school, consider the number of DP teachers in the school. We encourage you to include all DP teachers so that everyone in your DP professional learning community has access to the subscription.

Number of users


Hours of access

Up to 20 users


10 hours of live coaching and unlimited access to DP Advantage resources

From 21 to 40 users


15 hours of live coaching and unlimited access to DP Advantage resources

More than 41 users


20 hours of live coaching and unlimited access to DP Advantage resources

If you find that more teachers require a subscription to what you initially requested access for, DP Advantage will extend your subscription and invoice the difference.

In the event of cancellation a full refund will apply if the cancellation is requested within 14 days of registration.

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