Request an online workshop

Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in an online workshop for a high-quality learning experience and the same teaching concepts that you would explore in a face-to-face workshop. Participation in our cost-effective online workshops will also contribute to your school’s authorization or evaluation process to become an IB World School.

The difference between a scheduled workshop and a requested workshop

We offer more than 300 online workshops throughout the year during seven sessions. Different online workshops are scheduled in each session. If you are not available when your choice of online workshop is scheduled, you can complete the request form below.

Do I have to pay extra to make a request?

No, the cost is the same for a scheduled or requested online workshop.

How do I submit my request?

Step 1. Take a look at the full schedule of online workshops here. You can also refer to the IB Workshops and Resources 2017 Catalogue to find out what to expect from each workshop.

Step 2. Did you find the perfect workshop for you but it’s not available when you are? Take a look at the session lists below to find all workshops that are available for request but are not yet scheduled.

Step 3. Is your chosen workshop listed and available to request on a session date that suits you? Excellent. Your school’s IB coordinator can submit the form below on your behalf. If there are multiple participants at your school, your IB coordinator can include them all on one request form.

Step 4. If your request is successful, your IB coordinator will receive an email notification that the workshop is available for registration. You will have seven days after this notification to register all participants from your school. If the registration period closes and fewer than four participants are registered, the workshop will be cancelled.


We will need a minimum of four participants to run an online workshop. We will match your request with the others that we receive to determine if we have sufficient participants. You can help us with this by encouraging other colleagues to participate. Online cancellation policy and completion criteria apply.

Fill out the following form to request an online workshop

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Unsuccessful requests

If your request is unsuccessful due to insufficient interest in that workshop, your IB Coordinator will receive notification by email. However, you will still have one week to meet the registration deadline for our scheduled online workshops.