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IB Asia Pacific Newsletter

Quarter One, 2008

Networks and Associations

Library Information Specialists (LIS)

We would like to welcome a new member, Mrs Madhu Bhargava,

to the IBAP LIS committee.  Madhu is an experienced library co-

ordinator based in New Delhi at the G.D. Goenka World School,

Haryana. Her email contact detail for librarians located in India

is madhu_bhargava@msn.com.

This newsletter report from IBAP LIS has two snapshots from

different regions of Asia Pacific. Australia and India.

Jane Viner

Chairperson IBAP LIS vinermj@mlc.vic.edu.au


South Australia is a southern state of Australia and has an IB

group called “ IBSAT Network”  that meets on the fifth Thursday

of each term.

International Baccalaureate South Australia Teacher

-Librarian Network

The first meeting of 2008 was held on 28 February at

Stradbroke Schools.  Following stimulating discussion and

sharing at last year's final meeting on “Countering the Cut &

Paste Culture” participants were eager to hear more about Ross

Todd's ideas from those who attended his workshop. The

Network provides a valuable opportunity to experience

collaboration between teacher librarians from both government

and independent sectors and from across the different IB


Alison Hicks

Teacher Librarian ahicks@gillesstps.sa.edu.au

Gilles Street Primary Schoo,l Adelaide, South Australia

International Baccalaureate South Australia Teacher-Librarian

Network facilitator


News from New Delhi and National Capital Region

National Council for Educational Research and Training (INDIA)  Experienced School Librarians were invited to an Expert Group Meeting to develop training modules for school librarians. National Council of Educational Research and Training invited Mrs Madhu Bhargava, Dean of Libraries, G.D.Goenka World School, Haryana, and some more School Librarians from leading schools for a meeting at New Delhi on 3-4 October 2007. The meeting was chaired by the Head Librarian, NCERT, Dr. P.S. Kwatra. Capacity building of school librarians of India was the central idea. It was decided upon that various training modules would be developed by the attending librarians such as: Library Automation ; Classification; User Education and Information Literacy; Digital Libraries and E-resources; Reading promotion techniques.

Madhu Bhargava was assigned to develop:

User Education and Information Literacy b. Digital Libraries and E-Resources. These topics were developed and submitted to the Council in the month of December 2007. Presentations of these are due in the near future.

Extended Essay workshop for the IBDP students at G.D.Goenka World School

On 24 September 2007 Mrs Jane Viner, Director MLC Libraries, Australia, conducted an introductory Extended Essay Work shop for the IBDP students, while she was on her visit to India. Based on her guidelines, notes from MLC Libraries and her assistance a follow up work shop ’ Questioning: Unpacking the topic’ was conducted by Mrs Madhu Bhargava on 19 December 2007.

Networking with IB School Librarians

We have started a  Google Group with a name IBIND and about 20 IB school Librarians have joined to communicate, discuss and share experiences and resources. More are expected to join.

Young, dynamic and promising Librarian passed away.

Mrs Yogita Kamboj, a very young and promising PYP Librarian

of G.D.Goenka World School, Haryana, passed away. It is

indeed a great loss to the profession.

PathWays World School, Haryana hosted IB workshops

from 8-10 February 2008.

An evening with Paul Theroux

American Information and Resource Centre hosted an evening

with the author Paul Theroux on 19 February, 2008 and invited a

number of Librarians. His highly acclaimed books include

Blinding light, Dark star safari, Riding the iron Rooster, the great

railway bazaar, the old Patagonian express, Fresh air fiend and

his latest book the Elephanta suite. The Mosquito Coast and Dr.

Slaughter have both been made into successful films.

Madhu Bhargava

Dean of Libraries, madhu_bhargava@msn.com

G.D. Goenka World School, Haryana

IBAP LIS Committee – India representative

Association of IB Schools in Japan and Korea Update    

Please be reminded that AIBSJK information is now available on the AIBSJK website: http://www.senri.ed.jp/ib/aibsjk/index.htm. General information is posted on this site, plus there is a password protected section for member schools (that is all schools within our region that are authorised IB World Schools). Member heads and coordinators have been sent the username and password already – please contact Gwyn Underwood if you have not received it.

In addition, AIBSJK affiliate programme groups have been

setting up their own websites too, and are located here:

-  PYP East Asia Network Group:


-  MYP East Asia Network Group:


-  DP coordinators group: [in progress]

The next group meetings and AGM meeting times and contact

details are as follows:

-  PYP Network Group meeting – 4 April 2008 @ Osaka

International School. Contact: Clarence Coombs,

ccoombs@senri.ed.jp PYP Network Group Chair.

-  MYP East Asia Network Group meeting - 25 April 2008 @

location: Kato Gakuen (To be confirmed). Contact: Gwyn

Underwood, gunderwood@senri.ed.jp, MYP East Asia Network

Group Chair.

-  DP Coordinators Group meeting – 26 May 2008 @ Fukuoka

International School.  Contact: Peter Heimer,

pheimer@senri.ed.jp, DP coordinators group chair.

-  AIBSJK AGM – The 2007-8 year AGM is usually held in the

fall. This year it was cancelled as Karin was unable to find a

time where Heads were able to meet. Instead, we are planning

a "paper" (or more accurately a “virtual”) meeting for spring, so

please send any agenda items requiring attention. I will send an

agenda out before the meeting, and am looking into using a wiki

for the proposed constitution updates. Contact: Gwyn

Underwood, gunderwood@senri.ed.jp, AIBSJK Chair.

Finally, congratulations to Tokyo International School for

receiving their MYP authorization in December 2007. As they are

already authorised for the PYP, they are already AIBSJK

members, however it is nice to have another MYP school – there

are now four in Japan, and a number looking at the programme

for implementation.

Gwyn Underwood (Chair) gunderwood@senri.ed.jp

Peter Heimer (Co-chair) pheimer@senri.ed.jp.


Networks and Associations in the region


The AAIBS was established specifically to assist schools in Australasia, providing a network of professional support, information and service. The AAIBS has information on entrance requirements for universities throughout the region.


AAIBS Summary


SAIBSA members are authorized or implementing schools and its education practicioners. SAIBSA aims to facilitate communication with authorized and implementing IB schools in the South Asia sub-region and with the South Asia sub-regional office.



The AIBSIJK originated as an association for Heads and Diploma Programme coordinators to meet to exchange information. With the introduction of the MYP and PYP, the association has evolved into a larger organization with the three programme groups (PYP, MYP and DP) meeting separately for programme-specific meetings. All IB World Schools in Japan and Korea (with Taiwan schools now guests and pending official acceptance) are automatically granted membership. The programme groups are generally open to candidate and interested schools. Please refer to the association website for more details, or contact:

Gwyn Underwood (Chair) gunderwood@senri.ed.jp

Peter Heimer (Co-chair) pheimer@senri.ed.jp.