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IB Asia Pacific Newsletter

Quarter One, 2008

Diploma Programme

Examination re-sits and re-marks

We are edging slowly towards that time of the year again when many students in this region will be taking their Diploma Programme examinations. I would like to take this opportunity to remind DP coordinators that it is essential and required that the DP coordinator in each school is available to students on and after the date of the issue of results. Every year the regional office is faced with a number of requests from students regarding examination re-sits and re-marks because they are unable to contact their DP coordinator. It is the sole responsibility of the DP coordinator in each school to deal with such requests and the regional office is unfortunately not in a position to respond to students in this matter.

School’s accountability for staff training

We are often asked, particularly by new schools, to be more precise as to the amount and frequency of training a school administration is required to provide for teachers. The IB understandably has to take account of the vastly differing contexts of schools around the world, so the advice offered may not be as precise as some would hope. However, the most important requirement is that all staff teaching in IB schools in this region must be trained prior to authorization, subject to availability of workshops. Subsequent to authorization, schools should provide (and pay for) appropriate Diploma Programme workshop training on a regular basis, ensuring that all teachers are as up to date as possible with their subject’s development.

Workshop levels and provision

As the number of schools in the region continues to grow, the number and variety of workshops will also grow. Level 1 workshops are designed solely for teachers new to the subject and usually new to the IB, while level 2 workshops are designed for teachers who have one or two years of experience in teaching the subject. It is the responsibility of DP coordinators to ensure that teachers are registered for the correct workshop level. It is our intention to expand the nature of level 3 workshops in order to provide greater breadth of professional development for teachers. The recent level 3 English A1 level workshop in Delhi and the three level 3 Science workshops in Kuala Lumpur next month are all examples of this development.

New CAS guide

By now everyone has had a chance to read the new CAS guide.

I would like to urge coordinators to ensure that heads of

school/principals also read this guide as the implications for a

school of  CAS (from both the old and the new guide) are

significant and very much embody the philosophy of the IB. An

effective CAS programme requires significant resourcing, both

in terms of personnel and budget, and therefore needs the

wholehearted support of a school’s administration.

Choice of Group 2 language levels

It is never easy for coordinators to ensure that all students have

been placed precisely in the correct level for their group 2

language option. Sometimes the ‘correct’ level is not available

for some languages in this region. However, the key

requirement is that students should be taking a language course

that provides them with appropriate challenge for the two years

of the course. When, for example, a language is available at A2

and B, students should not take the B option because it is ‘easy’

and therefore provides an opportunity for a ‘7’ if their level of

language proficiency indicates that the appropriate course is A2.

Group 6 offerings

With the growing number of options available in group 6 (Film is

now included, for example) it is hoped that schools will continue

to promote the value of group 6 for students. This task is

becoming a little easier as some university systems are

reducing their requirements for two sciences for some courses.

Any school seeking authorization is expected to offer at least

one group 6 subject.

DP coordinator’s curriculum role

One of the IB’s standards and practices that impacts on the role

and authority of the DP coordinator is standard B1, practice 8,

which reads in part that the coordinator should “demonstrate

pedagogical leadership”. I mention this not because this

leadership is not occurring, but rather because in some schools’

structural/organizational charts the placement of the DP

coordinator does not indicate that he/she has the appropriate

authority to offer a leadership role. This matter comes up for

discussion both with new schools and sometimes during the five

year review process and may prompt some useful discussion.

We would also like to remind coordinators of the need to ensure

that any student who needs results sent directly to universities has details entered through form B2. Every year the regional office receives distress calls from students who have not been notified of the need to do this and whose university place is then in jeopardy.

Schools due for Five Years review for May and November 2009

May 2009

1.  2090  American International School of Guangzhou

2.  1495  Auckland International School

3.  1529  Bali International School

4.  1730  Beijing No: 55 High School

5.  0432  Brent International School-Manila

6.  1165  Cebu International School

7.  2114  Chatsworth International School, Singapore

8.  2151  Ecole Mondiale World School

9.  0514  French International School

10. 0929  Hanoi International School

11. 0307  International School Bangkok

12. 1525  International School of Eastern Seaboard

13. 2149  Jamnabai Narsee School

14. 2120  K International School Tokyo

15. 2121  Oriental English College, Shenzhen

16. 0399  Seisen International School

17. 1163  Sekolah Peliat Harapan – Karawaci

18. 1164  Sekolah Pelita Harapan – Sentul

19. 2150  SelaQui World School

20. 2115  SMU Kristen Cita Hati School

21. 0450  St. John’s School

22. 2213  Taejon Christian International School

23. 2215  The British School, New Delhi

24. 2091  Utahloy International School, Guangzhou

25. 1496  Yew Chung Int College Shanghai, China

26. 0339  Yokohama International School

27. 1121  Canadian School of India

Nov 2009

1. 0537  Glenunga International High School

2. 1178  John McGlashan College

3. 2153  Kardinia International College

4. 2165  KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd

5. 0434  Kristin School

6. 1175  Macedon Grammar School

7. 1159  MLC School

8. 2152  Mountain Creek High School

9. 0245  Overseas School of Colombo

10. 0506  Pembroke School

11. 0257  Port Moresby International School

12. 2109  Ravenswood School for Girls

13. 0505 S.C.E.G.S.

14. 1161 Somerset College

15. 1071 The Friend’s School

16. 0520  The Kilmore International School


Nigel Forbes-Harper, DP Regional Manager

Stephen Keegan, DP Associate Regional Manager

Deirdre Chang-Hufton, Personal Assistant

Email: ibapdp@ibo.org