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IB Asia Pacific Newsletter

Quarter Four, 2006


The day before the IB Asia-Pacific conference in Hanoi, the Regional Heads Representative Committee (RHRC) met for their first bi-annual meeting of the year. The RHRC members have divided the schools in the region so that each one is responsible for a certain number of schools. We want to ensure that we represent all of the schools as best we can and hope that we can add a more personal touch to a large region as ours by sharing the schools between us. Before the meeting, most RHRC representatives were able to get in touch with the schools on their lists and we will continue to contact you all from time to time. We called for agenda items from the schools and were sent quite a few, all of which were discussed at our meeting. We encountered some problems with ‘out of date’ email addresses and urge you all to ensure that the IB Asia-Pacific office has your details correct.

At the IB Asia-Pacific conference we had an open meeting for Heads of Schools and quite a lot of people attended. Not all were heads of schools, and we have learned that we will need to be more specific in advertising such a session. At the meeting we reported on the agenda topics that had been covered in RHRC meetings for the past year and also answered questions from the floor. The RHRC members also had a session relating to governance issues for new schools and that was facilitated by Laurie Ince and Nigel Forbes-Harper, program managers from the Singapore office.

The next RHRC meeting will be held on 2 March 2007 in Singapore, so we will make contact with schools before then. If needed you can make contact with anyone of us at any time. Four of our members-(*) sit on the International Heads Representative Committee, (IHRC), and the minutes of the RHRC and IHRC meetings are published on the IB website. Through the RHRC and IHRC, Heads of schools advise the IB on its programs and services by contributing to what should be an ongoing discussion about the philosophy, objectives and methodologies of international education.

Below is the list of current members of the RHRC and the countries that have been allocated to them.


Karin Caffin - * (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka 

& Taiwan)                                          

Bob Knight - * (South Australia)                                      

Dianne Korare - * (Fiji, India, Guam and Papua New Guinea)

Sally Holloway -  (China –{except HK}, Mongolia)                     

Helen Drennen - * (Victoria and New Zealand)

Oscar Nilsson - (Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei & Cambodia)                                         

Rod Fraser - (Australia {except Victoria and S. Australia})

Ian Kerr - (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Pakistan)


We look forward to a continued good working relationship.

Karin Caffin

Head of School

Osaka International School

RHRC Members

Karin Caffin, Chair

       Osaka IS, Japan

Bob Knight                              Glenuga HIS,

        South Australia

Dianne Korare

       Suva IS, Fiji

Sally Holloway

        KIS International

        School, Thailand

Helen Drennen                    Wesley College, 

        Victoria Australia

Oscar Nilsson                           Bandung IS,    


Rod Fraser                              Ivanhoe Grammar


        Victoria Australia

Ian Kerr                                   IS Penang (Uplands),